friendship bracelets!

Friendship Bracelets by things that made my day.
Friendship Bracelets, a photo by things that made my day. on Flickr.

in case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a new section of my blog: the FRIENDSHIP BRACELET CHALLENGE!  =^.^=

my awesome friends gave me a bunch of hemp in different colors for my birthday, so i sat down the other day to make a friendship bracelet.  i posted about it on facebook, and my friend requested that i send her one.  i told her i would and then got to thinking about how i wish someone would send me one.  i thought about how awesome it would be to randomly get a bracelet in the mail from a friend.  and then i thought about sending them as a surprise to someone, and the grow light fizzled to life above my head.

check it out and DO IT!  it’s easy and quick and even cheap to mail (2 stamps should do it!)

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