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we need nature

January 30, 2012
duck footprints by littlehippiegirl
duck footprints, a photo by littlehippiegirl on Flickr.

i believe it is both vital and necessary for human beings to remain in complete contact with nature.  it’s likely no one realizes this because we have been so easily separated from it for so long and have been allowed to tame it to keep it near to us for what we need.  as humans, we are gifted with thinking minds.  but too often we forget that our thinking minds are only a small part of our systems, and that our human body is not different from plant or animal bodies, consisting of the same chemical structures.  therefore, when we are removed from an environment which once was our atomic equal, and placed among the pavement and pesticides of chemicals not matching our own, it damages us.  it is not by accident that even the most unfocused and hyperactive of children pauses to watch a beetle in the dirt.  we are inexorably linked to the earth that birthed us from its oceans, several protein strands ago.


January 25, 2012

here’s a translation of my groovy hat-in-a-flash pattern translated by the lovely lara of bebés y especias! muchas gracias lara!

random wisdom from 1785

January 17, 2012

little excerpts from The housewife: Being a most useful assistant in all domestic concerns, whether in a town or country situation by Laetitia Montague, 1785.

to break a boil: take the yoke of a new-laid egg, some honey, and wheat flour; mix well together, spread it on a rag, and lay it on cold.”

an easy and useful remedy for a fresh bruise or contusion: take fresh butter and parsley, of each a sufficient quantity, and having chopped the herb, mix it very well with the butter, to the consistence of a cataplasm or poultice, which is to be applied warm to the newly bruised parts.”