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simple single crochet washcloth

June 11, 2012

making a washcloth with single crochet is easy!  you’ll need a cotton yarn, like peaches ‘n’ creme or lily sugar ‘n’ cream.  the lily brand is slightly more expensive but comes in bigger balls.  lion brand also makes an excellent cotton yarn that is colorfast- a must if you’re making things that get wet all the time.

to create your washcloth, simply chain 36- you can make it bigger or smaller by making a shorter or longer chain.  then, sc in the second chain from the hook.  sc all the way to the end, turn, ch 1, and then sc across.  make sure to count your stitches to make sure you’re getting the same number of stitches in each row.

and that’s how you make a washcloth!  when you’ve made it as long as you like, simply cut the yarn, make a knot, and weave the ends into the washcloth.

photo to come soon.

how to crochet – half double crochet // a littlehippiegirl tutorial

June 11, 2012

hello friends!  it’s been a while, for sure, but alas i have been without internet.  i am now however back in the land of the internet living and ready to continue my crochet series for you- i hope you’re enjoying it so far!

the half double crochet is abbreviated “hdc” in patterns (such as “hdc in each stitch around” or “2 hdc in each stitch”).  the half double crochet is kind of like a cross between single crochet and double crochet.  it’s excellent for projects, because it’s short and compact like the single crochet, and it’s also very thick, making it excellent for washcloths.

make a chain of any length.

wrap the yarn around the hook…

and insert your hook in the third chain from the hook.

wrap the yarn around the hook again and bring it up through the chain.  you will now have three loops on your hook.

wrap the yarn around the hook again…

and pull it through all three loops.

continue on down the chain.

when turning, you will chain 2 for the starting hdc.  try using this to make a washcloth or scarf.  by working in the back loop only, you can create a nice ribbed pattern.  this pattern for a ribbed helmet hat is an excellent pattern i use often- it works up quickly and the hat looks great and fits well on the head, especially when you want a hat that will be snug at the ears.