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don’t worry

September 2, 2011



August 31, 2011

things are picking up a little around here, although not enough yet for my tastes.  once i have a job & a few gigs i should be back to normal.  until then:

friendship bracelets!

July 27, 2011
Friendship Bracelets by things that made my day.
Friendship Bracelets, a photo by things that made my day. on Flickr.

in case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a new section of my blog: the FRIENDSHIP BRACELET CHALLENGE!  =^.^=

my awesome friends gave me a bunch of hemp in different colors for my birthday, so i sat down the other day to make a friendship bracelet.  i posted about it on facebook, and my friend requested that i send her one.  i told her i would and then got to thinking about how i wish someone would send me one.  i thought about how awesome it would be to randomly get a bracelet in the mail from a friend.  and then i thought about sending them as a surprise to someone, and the grow light fizzled to life above my head.

check it out and DO IT!  it’s easy and quick and even cheap to mail (2 stamps should do it!)

new computer and stuff!

July 18, 2011

i got a new computer for my birthday!  i’m so excited!  my laptop was on its last legs- four years old, with a giant crack across the screen.  this is a perfect gift- especially now that i’m trying to get a business started up online.  it was going to get pretty impossible after a while to use my old computer for all the stuff i need it for.

speaking of businesses started up online!  i added a few things to both stardust hippie goods:

corn stalk scarf - PATTERN hot air balloon dreadlocks tam / slouchy hat - PATTERN sea star dreadlocks tam / slouchy hat

and from whispering birds:

river driftwood necklace - sky venus necklace sunray earrings - purple

i also got an amazon gift card for my birthday, which i used to buy some silver wire.  it’s so expensive, but i’m super excited about using it.  i like making affordable jewelry, but if you use better materials, it makes a fantastic difference.  yes, i’m a hippie, and i can make jewelry from guitar strings and floral wire.  but i do love silver a lot.  i can’t help it, i’m a cancer.

august 1 is coming up- time to celebrate the harvest at lughnassasdh!

an organic solution for slugs (in case you were wondering)

July 8, 2011

slugs are an icky garden pest that used to keep my sister and i busy for hours with the salt shaker.  now that i’m not as sadistic, i took interest in this remedy for slug infestation from beeton’s domestic recipe book (published 1883):

“slugs are very voracious, and their ravages often do considerable damage, not only in the kitchen-garden, but to the flower-beds also.  if, now and then, a few slices of turnip be put about the beds, on a summer or autumn evening, the slugs will congregate thereon, and may be destroyed.”

i guess how you destroy them is up to you.

bits and bobbles

July 6, 2011

i finally got my tremendous check in the mail, and after depositing it today made a beeline for the powderhorn trading company with the intention of spending lots of money.  thankfully, their prices are far lower and their selection far better than our local joann’s, and i was able to get out of there after spending only $20.  one of my favorite parts about the store is the “fill a bag for $3” option.  i found a lot of tiny matching beads that i then used to make earrings.

i really enjoy the ease of working with etsy.  i’ve tried other sites like bonanza, but you don’t get the exposure like you do on etsy.  now that i’m learning to take better photos (i still haven’t perfected it, unfortunately) i’m feeling more confident about my store.  i can’t wait to have more things to sell so i can start getting the word out.  i have a showcase slot scheduled for my birthday- here’s to hoping!

time for bed.  my new school mentor is calling in the morning, and i have to be awake for it, which means i have to be to bed before midnight.  cheers everyone.

river stones

July 1, 2011
river stones by littlehippiegirl
river stones, a photo by littlehippiegirl on Flickr.

i’ve been really inspired by nature lately.  now that i’m back in montana where i’m surrounded by beauty, i’m itching to create things that flow in harmony with nature.  i had a few precious stones that i wrapped but i got to thinking- what about river stones?  and then i found polanshek’s shop on etsy that has gorgeous items made from stones.

vermont stone necklace by polanshek on etsy

i’m excited now.  what i’d love to do is drill holes in them, but i won’t have the tools for that for quite some time if at all.  so for now i must wrap them and make them beautiful!  i’m really into the stacked stone lamp mentioned in this article.

how i feel about television

June 28, 2011
television by littlehippiegirl
television, a photo by littlehippiegirl on Flickr.

the first time i moved out on my own, it was to a tiny studio apartment in tucson, arizona.  my roommate and i couldn’t afford cheese, let alone television, and for the first time i came to know what it was like to be technologically bereft.  when we finally bought internet and my father showed us how we could get illegal cable, i was almost insulted by the notion.  tv, for me, had not been difficult to give up.  at the time, i was working overnight shifts, and when home during the day was usually sleeping.  the rest of the time was taken up arguing with my roommate and making quesadillas.

after that, each move-out from my father’s house meant another home without television.  i didn’t miss it when i didn’t have it, but when returning to my dad’s to wash laundry, i would park myself in front of the TV at the earliest opportunity and scan every channel before remembering yet again that nothing good is ever on.  thus satisfied, i would go about my business.  only a good movie could get me to sit down on the couch again for more than 5 minutes at a time.

i first moved out when i was twenty, and for the past seven years my TV watching was pretty limited.  i sit down to watch shows sometimes, but i’ve never paid for cable in any apartment i’ve lived in, so my exposure to television has been limited.  i wish i didn’t sound like an elitist turd saying this, but people were always shocked whenever i uttered the fateful words: “i don’t have television.”  i tried to make up for it by watching five or six episodes of a series online in one fell swoop, but even then i missed out on everything that TV supposedly had to offer.  and so, upon coming to live with my mother, i was ill-prepared for what having the TV on in the same room can do to a person.

at my mother’s house, the TV is on all the time.  the only time it isn’t on is when she’s sleeping- after the timer has turned it off- and when my sister or i turn it off ourselves.  she leaves it on when she is not in the room or even in the house, and talks to it when she is in the room, reciting along with the ads.  she says she likes the background noise.  sleeping in the motorhome, i get limited to no internet connection, and so to do my internet things i have to come in the house.  i sit on the daybed while the TV plays in my ear.

it was after i went to the festival and came back with my energies sorted out that i realized how much TV fucks with me.  i was in the living room, feeling sluggish, and decided to do some exercises.  as i exercised i thought i might like something to keep my mind off the boredom of leg lifts, and so i turned on the TV.  every ad made me feel crappier and crappier- the constant plea of “BUY ME!” like the snarl of a hyena, dirty, pathetic, persuasive.  the trend of appealing to emotion in advertising is something that takes a toll on my brain.  every ad either makes me sad or pissed.  watching TV i feel drained, like my brain is being forced to focus on unnatural things.  just watching for half an hour makes me feel anxious and irritable.  TV is pretty much a psychic vampire, i have to say.

so that’s why i don’t watch.  i like keeping control over my own brain and energies.  i am a big proponent of killing your television.  go put your feet in the grass.

love your mother earth festival

June 21, 2011

i spent the weekend at the most awesome festival at ryan creek meadows this weekend.  my friend had a booth and invited me to come sell, so i brought some painted bags and hats.  i didn’t sell much, but gosh was it tons of fun!  all the vendors had the most amazing things, and our neighbors specialized in patchwork bags.  there was one made of red and purple corduroy that was the apple of my eye while i was there, but at $35 it was more than i could afford.  so i got home with ideas in my head and decided to make a bag of my own!

i’m going to sell it, of course.  but i was glad to make it.  it got rid of some scrap fabric i had cut up and ignored, and it looks great!  i love to sew, but due to my severe lack of patience have difficulty finishing sewing projects for the same reason i can’t finish knitting ones.

the lady next to us had a lot of patchwork clothing and pieced together clothing that i wanted to try to do too.  and jewelry… oh the jewelry.  it was a fantastic time.  i felt as though my umbilical cord has been reattached to the universe.

friday night, after gathering the pieces of my head back together, the group of us headed up the steep hill to the techno section of the festival.  i stood next to the fire trying to get warm as the light shows played on the mountain, and above me the stars were crystal clear for the first time in ages.  a bunch of paper lanterns were lit and lifted into the sky, mingling with the stars.  at one point i couldn’t tell which were which.  as we came down the hill the moon started to rise over the mountain, and most of us couldn’t believe our eyes, that it was actually happening within our view.

saturday night we sat around the fire, roasted bacon-wrapped hot dogs and marshmallows, smoked, talked, and generally had a very groovy connection with each other.  i was getting major woodstock vibes.  i met a lot of people that are now my facebook friends.  it’s strange what technology can do (i say as i write this.)

peace and love.

knitting as meditation

June 16, 2011

i took to knitting very late in life.  my neighbor taught me to crochet when i was 9, but knitting was something i could never wrap my mind around.  my mother tried no less than 7 times to teach me, and it finally stuck when i was 23 and ready to boost my image as an indie kid.  after that i attended several knitting meetups in various locations, jealously working my slow stockinette as the other girls showed off their socks, scarves and sweaters.  i loved knitting because it seemed so smooth, so refined- but the fact that it took me three weeks to finish a hat, as opposed to three hours with crochet, was a huge turnoff.  i considered myself one of those closet knitters who could keep a project in the basket to work on in spare moments, like the afghan you start and plan on finishing in twenty years.

another turnoff was the stress of it.  knitting to relax?  what a joke!  aside from the frustration of my slow hands, dropped stitches never failed to send me into a tizzy, and, once i learned to properly “frog” (which i just recently learned is the term for tearing something apart) the problem was then how to attempt projects with written patterns.  it’s one thing to slip into a zen coma while performing the same stitch in a circle for hours, but reading a pattern where things are constantly changing required a level of attention i did not find relaxing in the slightest.

but a recent turnaround occurred when i actually finished a project from a pattern, and then another.  i realized that maybe i could knit a little faster than i had originally thought.  and then tonight, counting two by two as i worked a rib pattern, i was startled out of my counting by the obnoxious sound of a taco john’s ad.  it took me a minute to realize that i had been so into my knitting that i had zoned out completely- and it had felt pretty damn peaceful.

maybe there’s a potential for knitting as meditation after all.  i’ll try to find out this weekend at the love your mother earth festival and report back for your reading pleasure.

peace and love.