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December 10, 2012

posts are heading over to my new website, Know Your Maker.  see you there!

simple single crochet washcloth

June 11, 2012

making a washcloth with single crochet is easy!  you’ll need a cotton yarn, like peaches ‘n’ creme or lily sugar ‘n’ cream.  the lily brand is slightly more expensive but comes in bigger balls.  lion brand also makes an excellent cotton yarn that is colorfast- a must if you’re making things that get wet all the time.

to create your washcloth, simply chain 36- you can make it bigger or smaller by making a shorter or longer chain.  then, sc in the second chain from the hook.  sc all the way to the end, turn, ch 1, and then sc across.  make sure to count your stitches to make sure you’re getting the same number of stitches in each row.

and that’s how you make a washcloth!  when you’ve made it as long as you like, simply cut the yarn, make a knot, and weave the ends into the washcloth.

photo to come soon.

the art of making money beautifully

February 14, 2012

i purchased tara gentile’s the art of earning e-book today.  since i’ve become homeless by choice, with my entire life packed into my car, traveling from one place to another a-calling on friends, i’ve started to do some hard thinking about how much simplicity should be mandatory in a person’s life for them to be able to own their own small business.  how much i need to pare down to be able to work doing what i love.  i have had an etsy shop since 2007, selling on average 1.5 items per month, which isn’t bad for someone just dabbling.  i’ve always thought of money as tara quotes kelly diels:

I’m not terribly motivated by money. Shiny things, yes. Money, no. When I have enough, when the survival mark is made, I lose interest in making any more.

but i’ve repeatedly considered what it would take to be able to support myself.  the numbers are staggering when considered.  for me to pay my 2 bills, allow myself 1 tank of gas per week, $50 per week for food and incidentals, $30/month for dog food- in other words, the bare minimum- i would need $500.  i can’t be homeless forever, so add onto that the exceptional price of $300/month for a magical all utilities paid apartment, and you have a bare minimum needed of $800/month.  with an average of thirty days per month, i would need to make $26.70/day.  if i could sell one hat per day at that price plus shipping, it could work out- provided i could make it to the post office with the gas on my allowance.  but that’s just the bare minimum.  what if i got sick and needed to go to the doctor, or my tire blew on my car?  i would have no buffer.  so if i added $200 in savings to that a month, that would make it $1000/month for all of my expenses.  that brings the total up to $33.30/day.  i can knit one hat a day if i spend four or five solid hours knitting.  but would i be able to physically knit every day for five hours?  what if no one bought hats in a month?  what if five hours wasn’t enough to make a hat that i could sell for $33.30 plus shipping?

this is just to point out that my current hat-selling business is going to have to change, i’m afraid.  haberdashery just ain’t what it used to be.  i’m an obsessive knitter, though, so rest assured there will still be a few tams available for sale at all times.

this is why i turned to tara, and i am hoping that her e-book helps me formulate an idea for a profitable business.  i have a few ideas and i’m looking forward to exploring them.  and i’m looking forward to getting settled somewhere again where i can set my plans into motion.  i’ll let you know how it goes.

we need nature

January 30, 2012
duck footprints by littlehippiegirl
duck footprints, a photo by littlehippiegirl on Flickr.

i believe it is both vital and necessary for human beings to remain in complete contact with nature.  it’s likely no one realizes this because we have been so easily separated from it for so long and have been allowed to tame it to keep it near to us for what we need.  as humans, we are gifted with thinking minds.  but too often we forget that our thinking minds are only a small part of our systems, and that our human body is not different from plant or animal bodies, consisting of the same chemical structures.  therefore, when we are removed from an environment which once was our atomic equal, and placed among the pavement and pesticides of chemicals not matching our own, it damages us.  it is not by accident that even the most unfocused and hyperactive of children pauses to watch a beetle in the dirt.  we are inexorably linked to the earth that birthed us from its oceans, several protein strands ago.

January 25, 2012

here’s a translation of my groovy hat-in-a-flash pattern translated by the lovely lara of bebés y especias! muchas gracias lara!

random wisdom from 1785

January 17, 2012

little excerpts from The housewife: Being a most useful assistant in all domestic concerns, whether in a town or country situation by Laetitia Montague, 1785.

to break a boil: take the yoke of a new-laid egg, some honey, and wheat flour; mix well together, spread it on a rag, and lay it on cold.”

an easy and useful remedy for a fresh bruise or contusion: take fresh butter and parsley, of each a sufficient quantity, and having chopped the herb, mix it very well with the butter, to the consistence of a cataplasm or poultice, which is to be applied warm to the newly bruised parts.”

desert bound

August 18, 2011
desert bound by littlehippiegirl
desert bound, a photo by littlehippiegirl on Flickr.

cheers everyone. i will be headed to phoenix on friday. blog will be updated soon- patterns and stuff to come! peace and love!


July 23, 2011
foxglove by littlehippiegirl
foxglove, a photo by littlehippiegirl on Flickr.

have i mentioned lately how much i love flowers?

Via Flickr:
or what i think is foxglove- correct me if i’m wrong!!