friendship bracelet challenge

let’s prove that friendship and snail mail are alive and well!  join the friendship bracelet challenge!

how to:

  1. make a friendship bracelet.  here are some good pattern sites:
  2. print this out: friendship bracelet challenge instructions
  3. mail the bracelet & instructions to a friend
  4. post pictures of your bracelets on the facebook page!


  1. why are you doing this?  i was startled by how little people keep in contact these days, especially friends that have known each other for ages.  i got this idea when i was making a friendship bracelet for a friend and thought: why not spread it around the world?
  2. do i have to do the challenge to send a bracelet?  of course not!  but it’s more fun that way, don’t you think?  the goal of the friendship bracelet challenge is to strengthen friendship bonds one at a time until the whole world is connected.
  3. does my bracelet have to be fancy or expensive? that’s up to you!  my advice is to make it as beautiful and heartfelt as you can- effort is more important than money spent!
  4. what can i use to make my bracelet?  anything!  yarn, hemp, embroidery floss, cooking twine, fabric scraps- experiment with what you have to make something beautiful.  i know a girl who knits friendship bracelets that button with a button 🙂
  5. can i just buy a bracelet and have it sent in my name? yep!  bracelets are $5 (which includes shipping) and will come in a random style/color.  please contact me to buy one.  once it’s made, i’ll send it with the instructions to the friend’s address you provide.
  6. can i buy a bracelet for myself? sure thing- consider it getting yourself started!  see above contact information.
  7. are you doing this just to make money? all proceeds from bracelets sold go to various charities.  sign up for the newsletter to get updates on which charity is next!
  8. i don’t have a printer but want to do the challenge.  i encourage everyone to recycle- use the instructions that came with your bracelet to send to someone else!

peace and love!

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