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love your mother earth festival

June 21, 2011

i spent the weekend at the most awesome festival at ryan creek meadows this weekend.  my friend had a booth and invited me to come sell, so i brought some painted bags and hats.  i didn’t sell much, but gosh was it tons of fun!  all the vendors had the most amazing things, and our neighbors specialized in patchwork bags.  there was one made of red and purple corduroy that was the apple of my eye while i was there, but at $35 it was more than i could afford.  so i got home with ideas in my head and decided to make a bag of my own!

i’m going to sell it, of course.  but i was glad to make it.  it got rid of some scrap fabric i had cut up and ignored, and it looks great!  i love to sew, but due to my severe lack of patience have difficulty finishing sewing projects for the same reason i can’t finish knitting ones.

the lady next to us had a lot of patchwork clothing and pieced together clothing that i wanted to try to do too.  and jewelry… oh the jewelry.  it was a fantastic time.  i felt as though my umbilical cord has been reattached to the universe.

friday night, after gathering the pieces of my head back together, the group of us headed up the steep hill to the techno section of the festival.  i stood next to the fire trying to get warm as the light shows played on the mountain, and above me the stars were crystal clear for the first time in ages.  a bunch of paper lanterns were lit and lifted into the sky, mingling with the stars.  at one point i couldn’t tell which were which.  as we came down the hill the moon started to rise over the mountain, and most of us couldn’t believe our eyes, that it was actually happening within our view.

saturday night we sat around the fire, roasted bacon-wrapped hot dogs and marshmallows, smoked, talked, and generally had a very groovy connection with each other.  i was getting major woodstock vibes.  i met a lot of people that are now my facebook friends.  it’s strange what technology can do (i say as i write this.)

peace and love.