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a repellant for mosquitoes

October 28, 2011

in case you were wondering.

“if going into the woods or mountains in summer, you will require a lotion to keep off mosquitos and flies.  many preparations are sold for this purpose, all of which have more or less merit; but the objection to them is that they evaporate rapidly, and have to be renewed every half-hour.  i have tried nearly all of them; but the best preparation i have ever found for the purpose is made as follows: to three ounces of pine tar add two ounces of castor-oil and one ounce of oil of pennyroyal.  this mixture has a good body, an odor like that of a tan-yard, and can be relied on to cure any case of mosquitos this side of new jersey.

one good thorough application will usually last three or four hours, and when it gets so thin that the birds begin to bite through it, the victim must paint himself again.  it is a heroic kind of treatment- that is, it takes a hero to endure it- but it is not half so bad as the mosquitoes, and if you are having plenty of fun, or think you are going to have plenty of it this afternoon or to-morrow, you soon forget all about the smell.”

Camping and camp outfits: A manual of instruction for young and old sportsmen, George O. Shields, 1889

an organic solution for slugs (in case you were wondering)

July 8, 2011

slugs are an icky garden pest that used to keep my sister and i busy for hours with the salt shaker.  now that i’m not as sadistic, i took interest in this remedy for slug infestation from beeton’s domestic recipe book (published 1883):

“slugs are very voracious, and their ravages often do considerable damage, not only in the kitchen-garden, but to the flower-beds also.  if, now and then, a few slices of turnip be put about the beds, on a summer or autumn evening, the slugs will congregate thereon, and may be destroyed.”

i guess how you destroy them is up to you.